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A clear, simple-to-use website for a reasonable price.

A website to help you run your business or studio creatively.


Web Solutions

    All of Bound Book's websites:

  • include standard SEO techniques
  • are written in accessible web standards compliant code
  • avoid flash animation or widgets that make sites slow to load
  • include optimised content to ensure pages load quickly
  • incorporate clean, easy to use, design
  • have mobile device-responsive layouts
  • Additional services include:

  • the ability for you to add, edit and delete content (cms)
  • mobile device-responsive layouts
  • visitor statistics set up and monitoring
  • domain name set-up
  • hosting and maintenance packages
  • email set up and marketing
  • e-store and blog integration
  • existing site re-design or development
photo and sculpture: copyright Steve Bunn

photo and sculpture: copyright Steve Bunn