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What do these website terms mean?

domain name

the web address of your site such as You can buy a domain name yourself or you can get me to arrange it for you (subject to administration charge). It normally needs renewing every year.

web browser

what you're using to view this page — a programme to view websites for example Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.


the computer space in the ether where your site files are kept, so that web visitors can see the site any time of the day. I can arrange hosting for you, which is renewed annually.


this is a 'content management system'. The data for the website is kept in a database and the cms is a user-friendly interface which allows a user (you or someone in your office), to add, edit or delete the content without needing to work with the computer code of the site.


search engine optimisation. This means refining a website's content so that robotic search engines such as google can easily find your site in response to a web search.